BBC Three

Client: Metaphorix

BBC 3 was known as a comedy channel and the BBC wanted to rebrand it to be more of a young channel such as E4 or MTV. The objective was to target a young audience and engage the users through various mediums, one being the internet.

The Brand:

In the UK, the BBC runs two public television stations, a 24-hour cable news station, five national radio stations (simply named Radio 1, Radio 2, etc.) and a website, all funded by licenses sold to a domestic audience.

On the commercial side, BBC Worldwide (the BBC subsidiary) offers radio in over 40 languages, and television and Internet for an international audience.

The Solution:

Part of the solution was to get users to create there own videos and upload them to the website. These would then be shown and voted for and if good enough would be shown on the TV channel itself encouraging other users to do the same.

My role in the project as Senior Flash/Flex developer was to build the main components required which were a standalone, iplayer styled video player, video wall and TV Scheduler.

All components were built using Flex 3 with flash elements. The iplayer at the time was only developed in flash 8 and therefore was not compatible with the project, I therefore had to rebuild the iplayer and it’s functionality to maintain consisitent iplayer branding and keep the technology up to date.

The TV Scheduler application integrated with the BBC schedule service and had been developed to be integrated across all of the other BBC channels.

Unfortunately I do not have a lot of screen grabs for this project as the flash files no longer work due to the BBC RSS feed being changed and no longer available.

Mike Ypes is a  top notch AS3/Flex  developer